Press Release: Lancashire Heritage at Heart of Prescot Arts & Music Festival

The town of Prescot’s historic Lancashire identity will be at the heart of its annual arts and music festival this year.

The 10-day event opens on Friday 16 June with a concert by Leyland Band, the number-one ranked brass band in the county. A traditional hot pot supper, courtesy of Cottom’s, will accompany an evening of nostalgic melodies representing the spirit of Lancashire.

For visitors to the 17th-century Prescot Parish Church, local artists the Jones Boys have curated an exhibition of vintage Prescot posters and handbills, many of which come from British Insulated Cables—an industrial presence in the town for over a century.

History buffs can dig up more facts about the town’s history with a visit to the Heritage Hub during the week, and the following Saturday (24th) Knowsley archivists give a talk in which they delve into treasures, artifacts and curiosities from Prescot’s rich past.

Although the town has been formally within the county of Merseyside and the borough of Knowsley since 1974, its place within the ceremonial county of Lancashire remains a point of pride for locals.

“For centuries Prescot was the commercial and cultural centre of Lancashire, and we’re still Lancastrians at heart,” said festival founder and artistic director Dr Robert Howard.

“We’re proud to reflect that strong heritage in this annual celebration of arts, music, culture and entertainment.”

The Prescot Festival runs from Friday 16 to Sunday 25 June 2017. The full programme—including Phoenix Concert Orchestra, the Chilled Lemons Jazz Quintet, organist Ian Tracey, the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Girl Choristers & more—is online at “>

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