Day 6: Community Art Display

Welcome to Day 6 of the Prescot Festival. We’re well over halfway through the 17th Annual Prescot Festival of Music & the Arts.

If it’s your first time with us, check out Days 1 to 6, with welcome messages from our artistic director and patron, a century of Prescot on film, the Prescot Heritage Trail, the Sung Eucharist from Prescot Parish Church, artwork from Bluebell Park School and an exclusive video talk with Laura Collier and Ian Tabbron of the new Shakespeare North Playhouse.

Today, the first ever Prescot Festival Community Art Display. Click on each photo to enlarge, and use your cursor keys or click the navigation arrows to scroll through the gallery.

Many thanks to our contributors for sharing their work: Anne, Ben (age 1), Dorothy, Ellie, George, Robert and one anonymous entrant.

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