Friends of the Festival

The Friends of the Festival are the grassroots volunteers who work behind the scenes to make the Prescot Festival, and Arts in Prescot’s year-round programme of arts, entertainment and culture events, a success.

There are usually five meetings each year, at which the Friends are invited to hear what’s happening and share their views.

We also try to reward Friends of the Festival with the occasional social event, a way to say thank-you for their hard work and commitment.

Would you like to be a Friend of the Festival?

To be a Friend of the Festival, simply come along to a meeting and sign up. You will be asked to attend five meetings each year (each lasts an hour), and to volunteer your help at Arts in Prescot/Festival events as and when you can. The main function of the Friends is to steward at concerts, but this will sometimes be broadened to include fundraising and other behind-the-scenes tasks. For more information, email

2023 Friends of the Festival Meetings

  • Tuesday 10 January 6pm (Parish Church)
  • Tuesday 25 April 6pm (Parish Church)
  • Tuesday 6 June 6pm Pre-Festival Stewards Briefing (please note change of time from that previously advertised)
  • Tuesday 4 July 8pm Post-Festival Review (Parish Centre)
  • Tuesday 5 September 8pm (Parish Centre)
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