Press Release: Merseyside Festival Remembers WWI

The Prescot Festival will commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War One next month.

Local schools will submit artwork to a special WWI-themed exhibition in Prescot’s 17th-century parish church during the arts and music festival, which runs from 20 to 29 June.

The ‘Local Heroes, Distant Voices’ exhibition at Knowsley Park Centre for Learning runs throughout the festival, closing on 28 June.

Other nods to both world wars are peppered throughout the week’s events, including Glen Miller tunes at ‘Dinner with Dr Jazz & the Cheshire Cats,’ the ‘Dambusters’ march on Phoenix Concert Orchestra’s opening night, and an all-British, Proms-style finale.

“Wartime and the outbreak of war will be on everyone’s minds as this year progresses,” said artistic director Dr Robert Howard, “so we’ve tried to reflect that in our programming.

“We’ve got plenty more for all tastes in this year’s festival, including a gala concert from one of the UK’s top brass bands and a return visit from one-time parish organist Professor Dr Ian Tracey, now best-known for his association with Liverpool Cathedral and the Royal Philharmonic Choir.”

More information about the 10th Annual Prescot Festival of Music & the Arts is at

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