Willy Russell Film to Screen as Tribute to Merseyside Actor Bill Moores

our_day_out_bill_mooresPress release:

The Prescot Festival of Music & the Arts pays tribute to a popular star of stage, screen and TV this year.

Most people know that playwright Willy Russell was born in neighbouring Whiston, but his classic BBC TV play Our Day Out boasts another local connection, too—it starred much-missed Prescot character actor Bill Moores as the hapless coach driver.

Just over a year since Bill passed away at the age of 80, the festival will commemorate his legacy with a showing of Our Day Out at Prescot Town Hall on Thursday 23 June.

“He was an actor and comic right up to the end,” said Bill’s daughter, Samantha, “cracking jokes with the nurses.”

“Of all the films and television shows he worked on, Our Day Out was his favourite,” she added.

“He said it was an amazing film to be involved in. The writing, comedy timing, everything was perfect.

bill_moores_actor_prescot“He knew Willy Russel quite well as he had worked with him before and said he was a professional through-and-through.

“He’d also say the kids who worked on the film were amazing, and you would never think they were all under 17.”

Sam says the family all miss him, “even his one-liners” and unfunny jokes. “My dad was known for always having a smile on his face and a positive thing to say about everyone,” she continued.

“With his theatrical voice, we always heard him coming. We truly miss his almost-pantomime day-to-day life and his words of wisdom, but we know he will always live on in the wonderful memories we get to treasure forever.”

As well as Our Day Out, Bill made memorable appearances in Coronation Street and Boys from the Blackstuff, and had a regular role as barfly Cedric in the Liverpool-based sitcom Watching.

Prescot-born BBC Radio Lancashire presenter John ‘Gilly’ Gillmore will share a memory or two of his old friend by way of introduction to the screening.

Tickets for Our Day Out are available online at www.prescotfestival.co.uk or in person from Poco Coffee at 30 Eccleston Street, Prescot, L34 5QJ. They cost £7 , which includes a tasty fish-and-chip supper courtesy of The Big Chippy.

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